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    Rossmont Riser R850 Return Pump
    Rossmont Riser R850 Return Pump

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    The Rossmont Riser R850 Return Pump can be used with the Rossmont Waver Wireless 2-Channel Controller. With the Waver the Riser flow can be increased and decreased, and up to 2 Risers can be controlled with the Waver for a wave effect. Without the Waver the Riser is still a powerful, quiet & energy efficient pump.

    With the Waver the flow rates range from 210-850 gph and power consumption from 13.5-55 watts. The Riser R850 can be used as a circulation pump, placed either in the sump or under the aquarium in a closed-loop system. In some instances it can be placed in filtration chambers at the back of an aquarium (see dimensions below).

    • Flow Rate: 850 gph (210-850 gph with Waver)
    • Head max: 115"
    • Max Power Consumed: 55 watts (13.5-55 watts with Waver)
    • Uses AC
    • Noise reduction pads
    • Rating Saltwater - Up to 145 gallons. Rating Freshwater - Up to 290 gallons
    • Dimensions w/plate: 3.15 x 4.93 x 5". Dimensions w/o plate: 3.15 x 4.93 x 3.84".