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    HM Digital COM-100 TDS Meter
    HM Digital COM-100 TDS Meter (water quality tester)

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    • The TDS to EC Conductivity conversions are true to the curved scale, as opposed to being a linear factor
    • The temperature compensation coefficients are also matched to the respective scales (KCl, 442 or NaCl), ensuring greater precision
    • The Meter can be calibrated digitally to any known value, while the other meters can only be calibrated to 1 or 2 values (like 1413)
    • Incredible accuracy
    • Resolution down to 0.1 S
    • Measures Electrical Conductivity, TDS and Temperature
    • Waterproof
    • On-screen temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • Three non-linear EC-to-TDS conversion factors
    • Three true ATC coefficients Auto-ranging (0-9990 S, 0-8560 ppm)
    • Detachable platinum electrodes
    • Low battery indicator
    • Comes with lanyard and user's guide Ideal for the most demanding of users
    • Perfect for almost every industry and application
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