For over 36 years now, AquaEl has been manufacturing in Poland everything required for setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquariums. More and more of their products are also aimed at the keepers of marine aquariums. AquaEl products are marketed in 100 countries on six continents.

Their major product groups include aquarium filters, heaters, lids with inbuilt lighting, fully equipped aquarium sets, and aerators. A special emphasis is placed on the implementation of innovations and unique technological solutions.

At this time we have the filters and lights, and the replacement filter media. Very soon we will have their heaters. Their heaters are made in the same factory as the now hard to find Cobalt Aquatics Heaters. We're also looking forward to bringing in many more AquaEl products in the future, including tanks and air pumps.

There are many LED lights on the market, but we find the Leddy Slim LED lights to have some unique features that warrant a look. For one, they're slim and attractive and they're fixtures. Being a fixture means they're easy to mount on your tank (unlike pendants), and being slim they will not take focus away from the actual aquarium.

We also love the Leddy Slim LED tank mounts. They're easy to adjust, but they hold firmly in place without having to mess around with set screws or rails on side of the light. Being adjustable, they fit nicely onto a variety of odd-sized tanks (e.g. 11", 18", 26", 31").

The AquaEl UltraMax Professional Canister Filters are technologically advanced canister filters with a design based on patented solutions that guarantee exceptional comfort of use, perfect water clarity, and optimum water parameters even in the most demanding aquariums. The UltraMax features a high flow rate, ball valves on the inlet/outlet, adjustable flow control, low energy usage, and a large area for filter media.

Our favorite feature is the large sponge pre-filter built into the lid, which is designed to capture course mechanical impurities before they can get inside the filter. This protects the pre-filter from clogging, which reduces the required frequency of cleaning to a minimum. Washing the pre-filter sponge in tap water only takes a few minutes and does not require disconnecting the filter from the power supply or taking it out of the aquarium stand.

Just looking at the AquaEl MultiKani Filters you can see how they're unique. They're the only expandable canister filters on the market. By using additional biological and chemical Multi-Cartridges (sold separately), you can increase their capacity up to 6 times. This feature makes the filter perfectly suited for small aquariums (5 to 40 gallons) and large aquariums (40 to 80 gallons) alike. This is especially useful when you replaces a smaller aquarium with a larger aquarium.

The main AquaEl MultiKani Filter consists of a cylindrical container fitted with a lid with shut-off valves. The container is filled with a zeolite layer sandwiched between layers of sponge to achieve effective mechanical and chemical filtration of aquarium water. The filter is supplied by a suction pump (external or internal), which enables operation even in very shallow water (e.g. in tanks where semi-terrestrial turtles are kept). The main gaskets in MultiKani filters are made of special silicone to guarantee they are water tight.