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  • Aquarium Lighting
    LED Aquarium Lights (low level) LED Reef & Planted Tank Lights Compact Fluorescent Replacement Lamps
    Lower wattage LED lights from AquaticLife, Aqueon, Coralife & Marineland for fish-only tanks.
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    High-end LED lights from Kessil, AquaticLife & Fluval for reef and planted aquariums.
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    Not much left here. Just some Coralife (& a few generic) lamps. more info
    Metal Halide Replacement Lamps T5/T8/T12 Aquarium Lights & Lamps
    Lamps, lamps, lamps or lamps. Metal halides are long gone.
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    T5s are still a great choice. We have the Hamilton FijiSun and some Coralife and AquaticLife T5s to choose from.

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