Reef Factory Products
Each of the Reef Factory devices can work alone and perform traditional functions (e.g. liquid dosing or automatic water refill) or work in cooperation with other devices within a complete Smart Reef system. You decide which devices you need. One device or many - you manage each one of them via the free Smart Reef app.

Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2+ Wave Pump
& Octo Pulse 4+ Wave Pump
The Octo Pulse 2+ & 4+ are fully controllable flow pumps that moves up to 1600gph/4500gph and consumes no more than 10/32 watts of power in the process. The broad flow of water movement will encourage coral growth instead of blasting it away with harmful "hot spots" associated with other wave pumps. Suitable for aquariums with a 20-80gal water volume for the 2+ and 80-500gal for the 4+.

Kamoer F1 Liquid Dosing Pump
The Kamoer F1 Liquid Dosing Pump is a single-channel intelligent liquid dosing pump with BOTH WiFi and Bluetooth control capabilities. This unit will allow the precise automation of adding liquid additives and elements to your aquarium. Modes: Automatic or Manual. Number of Dosing: 24 times/day - 1 time/99 days.

Fauna Marin Additives
Central to the Fauna Marin line of reef aquarium additives is the Balling Light System. This System is an extremely uncomplicated method for the supply of the aquarium with all necessary growth and color forming substances for corals and reef biology.

Tunze Comline ReefPack 100 & 250
The Tunze Comline ReefPack 100 & 250 combine a Skimmer, Filter, Filter Wadding, Magnet Holder and a Storage Tank together in one package. The 100 is for nano seawater habitats from 8 to 26 gallons (power consumption only 7W for all components). The 250 is for nano seawater habitats 15 to 65 gallons (power consumption only 8.5W for all components).

Two Little Fishies PhosBan-L
Two Little Fishies PhosBan-L is a concentrated Lanthanum solution for use in aquariums to control dissolved phosphate. Lanthanum has a very high capacity to bind with dissolved phosphate in the water. PhosBan-L will easily and economically bring the phosphate concentration down to a level where you can then use PhosBan GFO to maintain it below 0.02 ppm. 500 ml & 1 gallon sizes.

ITC Reefculture PARwise Device
The ITC Reefculture PARwise Device is a unique light meter with the ability to measure spectrum. It can be used underwater and in air. It gives you all of the relevant lighting measurements required to make informed decisions. It's the latest tool that ends the question of what setting the aquarium lights should be on, whether that be brightness, color (spectrum), or photoperiod.

ICP Analysis Mass Spec Test
The ICP Analysis Mass Spec Test will test over 50 elements all the way down to parts per trillion(ppt). The Mass Spec ICP test is up to 1000x more accurate than traditional ICP OES. The process uses a five-point calibration curve and certified standards to guarantee the highest accuracy. Due to the provided accuracy, you will also be given suggestions on how much to dose your aquarium with popular brands of trace elements.

Kamoer KH Carer Alkalinity Tester
The Kamoer KH Carer Alkalinity Tester is an automatic testing device measuring KH values (Alkalinity) in an aquarium. It includes manual and automatic detection functions. Users can easily view the test results and set the test parameters in the Android or iOS app. The equipment can adjust the KH value according to the test results automatically.

Acurel Media Pads, Media Bags, Clarifiers & Carbon
We now carry 15 Acurel Products. This includes the popular Acurel F Water Clarifier, and Carbon, Ammonia & Coarse Media Pads. From water clarification and treatment to filter media and supply, Acurel is dedicated to helping your fish thrive. Their products are more cost-effective, and above all, are easy to use.

CoralVue Hydros Control XD & Hydros Control X3 PRO Pack
We're bringing in all the new Hydros Control products as they are released

The Hydros Control X3 Pro Pack includes two Control devices, the Control XP8, and Control X3. Combine these Controls to create a secure and impressive set-up for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Connect up to two sensors such as temperature sensors, water level sensors, and leak detectors to the Control X3 and monitor pH or ORP through the available Probe Port.

The CoralVue Hydros Control XD (HDRS-CXD) is a compact yet powerful controller with three 12-volt DC Drive ports that can run dosing pumps, LED cabinet lights, fans, and more. It also includes a Power port providing another layer of redundancy to the Control system.

Fluval Sea Evo & Flex Saltwater Aquariums
The all-new Evo Saltwater Kits packs the same performance features as much bigger reef tanks. But at just 5 and 13.5 gallons, they're small enough to fit on a desk or counter. For those looking for a bigger all-in-one Fluval reef tank, we carry the Flex 32.5 Gallon.

Fluval Spec, Flex & Ebi Freshwater Aquariums
The all-new Fluval Spec Freshwater 2.6, 5 & 15 Gallon aquariums are highlighted by an upgraded 7000K high-output LED that is 20% brighter than before and framed within a sleek, all-aluminum waterproof casing. The 2.6 Gallon Ebi offers a view into an exciting nano world and comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need to successfully keep freshwater shrimp. The Spec, with its unique curved front, comes in 9 Gallon & 15 Gallon sizes.

Lifegard Aquatics Water Conditioner & Stress Reliever
If you do water changes using tap water the threat of adding chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines and ammonia is extremely high. Quickly eliminate these toxins by adding Lifegard Aquatics Water Conditioner & Stress Reliever to your pond or aquarium. Formulated by Dr.Tim's Aquatics. Three sizes to choose from.

Hanna Magnesium Colorimeter Checker
We've added the Magnesium Checker to our long list of Hanna Colorimeter Checkers. The Hanna Magnesium Colorimeter Checker (HI783) is designed to accurately and quickly determine the magnesium level in marine (saltwater) samples. The digital readout makes measurements effortless.