Red Sea ReefLed Lights
The Red Sea ReefLed 50 and 90 Lights are designed for optimal growth, while producing great coloration with a pleasant shimmer effect. Red Sea didn't stop with great function and form. They integrated the control of the light into the ReefBeat smart aquarium app and the built-in WiFi lets you directly connect the light to your smart device to set the daily schedule, color, intensity, and other features. The ReefLEDs use an ingenious recessed LED cluster that eliminates glare from normal viewing angles. This focuses light into the tank, while the specialized lens provides a homogenous light mixture that blends nicely in your aquarium. The Dual Channel settings let you customize the lighting for your viewing preferences while ensuring the overall spectrum is acceptable to corals and other animals that depend on it for their energy. Mounting Arms and Suspension Kits are a separate purchase.

Poly-Labs Reef-Roids

Poly-Labs Reef-Roids is a blend of naturally occurring marine planktons, which contains a species of zooplankton that is unique to our product. It is formulated to minimize water degradation and is ideal for Goniapora, Zoanthids, Mushrooms, and all other filter feeding corals. With continued use, your corals will never experience faster growth and coloration! Three sizes to choose from.

Flipper Float Aquarium Cleaners (New Style)

The new Flipper Float Aquarium Cleaners are the last aquarium cleaning tools you will ever need! Flipper's patented design creates the only 2 in 1 magnetic aquarium cleaner that can FLIP from scrubber to scraper simply by rotating the handle. The cleaner now floats to the top of your aquarium if it ever becomes disconnected for even easier retrieval! A "must-have" cleaning tool for advanced hobbyists and maintenance professionals! Three sizes to choose from.

Kessil A360X WHITE Tuna Sun LED Light

This WHITE Kessil A360X WHITE Tuna Sun LED Light is a special addition light for brick and mortar stores only. It is NOT being sold online. LIMITED EDITION. VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES.

Can be used with the Kessil WHITE Mounting Arm and the Kessil X-Series LED Light WHITE 90 Degree K-Link Cable.

JBJ Nano ATO Advanced Auto-Top-Off System

The JBJ Nano ATO Advanced Auto-Top-Off System is the perfect upgrade for your aquarium. This Auto-Top-Off System is re-imagined with dual optical level-sensors for ultimate precision. Enjoy the compact versatility of a digital sensor without compromising the security of overfilling your tank. Installation is quicker than ever, and everything you need to get started is included in the box.

MarinePure BioFilter Media

MarinePure BioFilter Media is the most technically advanced bio-media available today. MarinePure Media has a very large surface area to promote aerobic bacteria growth for ammonia and nitrite removal. We carry the Spheres, Gems, Plates and Blocks. The Plates and Blocks can be cut, shaped and sanded to for custom fit in a tank, sump, canister filter or hang on filter. Perfect for the creative hobbyist.
Fiji Cube AIO DIY Kits
Use the Fiji Cube AIO DIY Kits to build a filtration box in the back of your glass tank. Just drop the AIO box into a standard aquarium that is readily available on the market and your all-in-one aquarium will be ready to roll. Fiji Cube designed the AIO boxes to maximize the filtration potential and minimize the effort, time and cost to DIY an all-in-one aquarium.
Fiji Cube DIY Sump Baffle Kits
The Fiji Cube DIY Sump Baffle Kits are designed to convert Glass Tanks into fully functional sumps. The tank is not included and is for photo display only. Includes a filter sock holder and filter socks. The baffle slots that allow customization of spaces for protein skimmers, media reactors, refugiums and other equipment.

UltraLife Products
UltraLife has a dozen niche products that are very popular. Keep freshwater aquariums clean and clear with the UltraLife Blue-Green Slime Stain Remover. Effectively and safely remove Red Slime quickly from all coral and invertebrates with UltraLife Red Slime Stain Remover. Catch bristle worms, fire worms, spaghetti worms, and many others with the UltraLife Worm Tube. Capture stray voltage with the UltraLife Ultra Ground Titanium Grounding Probe. Remove phosphate (P04) from your aquarium safely and effectively with the UltraLife Liquid Phosphate Remover & Control. Remove that unsightly mess quickly from corals and invertebrates with the UltraLife Hair & Sludge Removal System without harm to fish, invertebrates, desirable macro algae, corals or reef inhabitants.

New Life Spectrum Fish Foods

There is a New Life Spectrum Fish Food formula for almost every freshwater fish, marine fish, crustacean or coral in your aquarium. The Spectrum family of formulas all feature high-density, quality nutrition from natural ingredients. New Life Spectrum Foods are formulated to enhance the health and color of your aquarium companions. In fact, this claim is backed by the Spectrum Guarantee for not only vitality and vibrancy, but also reversal of malnutrition-related issues that can cause fin, head and lateral line erosion. Formulas come in a variety of jar sizes: from 50g jars all the way to 2000g buckets.

Ice Cap Gyre 2K & 4K Flow Pumps w/ Dual Controllers

The all-new IceCap 2K and 4K Gyre Flow Pumps are not only more powerful than their predecessor, they're now WiFi controllable, allowing you to fine-tune your flow effortlessly and wirelessly from your mobile device (Android or iOS). The new Gyre Dual Pump WiFi Controllers can power up to two pumps and are backward-compatible with previous generations of the IceCap Gyre, including the 1K and 3K! We offer packages with two Gyre Flow Pumps and one controller.

Ecosystem Aquarium Miracle Mud

Ecosystem Aquarium Miracle Mud is the original refugium mud substrate. Miracle Mud is comprised of up to 80% oceanic mud, harvested from deep ocean water and then dried on land. The remaining 20% is a formulation of minerals and trace elements that make Miracle Mud a true miracle. Miracle Mud continuously replenishes the mineral and trace element concentration in the aquarium, making this the most comprehensive filter medium available. Miracle Mud is the most efficient denitrifying filter medium for the money. While other comparable products require a minimum 6-inch deep sand bed for denitrification to occur, you will need only 1 inch of Miracle Mud, making it the least expensive filtration medium available today.

Rossmont Skimer Protein Skimmers

The Rossmont SX250 and SX500 Skimer Protein Skimmers have a programmable pump (when used with the Waver Controller and free App). You can buy the Skimer either with or without the Waver. By using the free App you can ramp up and ramp down the Skimer pump to sync it with dosing pumps and run at low speeds when necessary (such as when starting up the skimmer after doing maintenance). The Skimer Skimmers are easy to adjust and feature the efficient and reliable Riser Pump, which is integrated in a way that is easy to remove and clean. Quiet operation, small footprint, large reaction chamber and included drain valve.

Kamoer F4 PRO Wifi Doser Liquid Dosing Pump

The new Kamoer F4 PRO Wifi Doser Liquid Dosing Pump is the latest state of the art controllable dosing system from Kamoer. Each unit includes a WiFi connection which allows the Doser to be controlled via iPhone or Android. Easily schedule a dosing regimen to keep water chemistry within ideal ranges. You can automate 2-part calcium and alkalinity, Kalkwasser, trace elements, live or prepared foods, and even fertilizers and liquid CO2 if you have a planted tank.