IceCap K3 Protein Skimmers

All the IceCap K3 Protein Skimmers come with controllable pumps with 10 speeds. The IceCap K3 Hang on the Back (HOB) Protein Skimmers are built slim to fit into tight spaces beOVP (Open Volute Pump) In-Sump Protein Skimmerhind aquariums (3 sizes). For in sump use you can choose between the The IceCap K3 Internal (INT) In-Sump Protein Skimmers (six sizes to choose from).

Reef Octopus OCTO Pulse 2 & 4 Flow Pumps With WaveEngine LE Controllers

The new Reef Octopus OCTO Pulse 2 Flow Pump With WaveEngine LE Controller is a fully controllable flow pump that moves up to 1,600 gph and consumes no more than 10 watts of power in the process. The broad flow water movement will encourage coral growth instead of blasting it away with harmful "hot spots" associated with other wave pumps.

The new Reef Octopus OCTO Pulse 4 Flow Pump With WaveEngine LE Controller is a fully controllable flow pump that moves up to 4,490 gph and consumes no more than 32 watts of power in the process. The broad flow water movement will encourage coral growth instead of blasting it away with harmful "hot spots" associated with other wave pumps.


VASCA is now offering the OASE ScaperLine Aquarium Sets. These high-end, stylish aquariums come in 20 gallon (ScaperLine 60) and 48 gallon (ScaperLine 90) versions, with either grey or black cabinet bases. The cabinets come assembled. Designed by professionals for professionals, the OASE ScaperLine Aquarium Sets perfectly combine design and functionality with a simple, clean exterior and clever internal features.

The OASE ScaperLine Aquariums are shipped directly from OASE to your store. Shipping (to the 48 contiguous states) is included in the price. Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.


Hanna Colorimeter Checkers bridge the gap between test kits and advanced instrumentation. Standard test kits have limited accuracy since they rely upon the human eye to match colors. The Hanna Colorimeters eliminate the hassle of matching to a color chart by providing a results in a digital readout. We carry the Marine Nitrate HR (ppm) Seawater Alkalinity (dKH), Ultra Low Range Phosphate , Marine Calcium, Low Range Phosphate, Marine Calcium, Low Range Phosphate, and High Range Copper.


The Dolphin Amp Master pumps are designed to handle the toughest environments with the reliability of a magnetic drive pump MINUS all the drawbacks, such as heat transfer, noise, and energy consumption. The Dolphin Diamond Amp Master pumps include a 3-year factory warranty.

Dolphin Diamond Amp Master 4750 Saltwater Safe Pump
Dolphin Diamond Amp Master 6250 Saltwater Safe Pump


aquavitro alpha 1 liter
aquavitro remediation 1 liter
Brightwell Aquatics Hydrat-Mg, 500 ml

The Dennerle Nano Tank LEDs come in three sizes: 3W, 5W, and 6W. They are appropriate for nano-planted tanks. 6500K color temperature.

Dennerle Nano Style Freshwater LED Light 6W
Dennerle Nano Power-LED 5.0 Freshwater LED Light 5W
Dennerle Nano Style Freshwater LED Light 3W


Flipper Pico Black 2 In 1 Magnet Aquarium Algae Cleaner (Glass)
Flipper FLIP-MITT Dual Purpose Cleaning Mitt, 2-Pack
Flipper DeepSee Magnetic Aquarium ORANGE FILTER Viewer 5"

Two Little Fishies Refugite for Refugium Filters is a live mineral-rich sand for refugiums and seagrass displays, for mangroves, and for LPS corals such as Goniopora, Trachyphyllia, and Acanthophyllia. Refugite promotes natural denitrification, adsorbs phosphate, and can be regenerated. It’s packed live with BioPronto too.

The Two Little Fishies AlgaEraser is an advanced 16" aquarium window cleaning razor. It includes two replaceable stainless steel metal blades for glass aquariums and a plastic blade for acrylic aquariums. The thick blades are for the removal of hard crusts or coralline algae from windows. The thin blades are for the swift removal of algal films.
Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter

Designed for aquariums up to 250 gallons, the FX4 is the high-capacity workhorse of Fluval's canister lineup, enhanced with all the power and reliability you've come to expect from a high-performance filter.

These new versions have a siphon pump that replaces the AquaLifter.

CPR Aquatic CS90 Deluxe Siphon Overflow w/ Lid & Siphon Pump
CPR Aquatic CS100 Deluxe Siphon Overflow w/ Lid & Siphon Pump
CPR Aquatic CS102 Deluxe Siphon Overflow w/ Lid & Siphon Pump
CPR Aquatic CS150 Deluxe Siphon Overflow w/ Lid & Siphon Pump
CPR Aquatic CS202 Deluxe Siphon Overflow w/ Lid & Siphon Pump

Reef Brite X Series Dual and Quad Strip LED Hybrid Kits

The Reef Brite X Series Dual and Quad Strip LED Hybrid Kits maximizes the results from your LED fixture, with more even coverage and enhanced coloration. The X Series add-ons are designed to easily mount your favorite LED lights, such as Ecotech Radion, Kessil, and Aqua Illumination, and surround your primary fixture with a continuous strip of supplementary light along the length of your aquarium. This creates a more even blanket of light over your aquarium and the additional actinic from the Reef Brite XHO strips will significantly increase PAR and bring out incredible colors and fluorescence in your corals.

Reef Brite XHO Actinic & 50/50 LED Lights
Reef Brite XHO Actinic & 50/50 LED Lights encompass cutting edge LED technology. Utilizing 3 watt LED’s for maximum performance and output, our XHO LED units are great replacements for T5HO or VHO lighting. These versatile units can also be used to replace any standard strip light or to create a custom lighting system. 24", 36", 48", 60", 72" & 84" versions.

AutoAqua Smart ATO Nano
The Smart ATO Nano Kit is a plug-and-play auto top-off system made by Autoaqua. Specifically designed for nano and pico aquariums under 50 gallons, this ATO nano kit will automatically monitor and refill evaporated water in small tanks. It will also help keep a stable osmotic balance for saltwater applications, which is particularly important for small tanks that are sensitive to continuous salt concentration fluctuations.

  • Smart ATO Nano Controller
  • Durable and Reusable Prefilter
  • Universal Power Adapter
  • Anti-Siphon Valve
  • 6.5 feet (200cm) Tubing
  • Max Mounting Thickness: Sensor: 1/2 inch (12.7 mm); Holder: 0.12-0.39 inch.
  • Quick Disassembly Without Any Screws. The tool-less design allows for the device to easily assemble or disassemble in minutes. No screws mean there is no risk of pollution caused by rust in the tank!
  • Simple Installation. Adjustable sensor cable makes for a tidy installation. Hide the unneeded cable in the storage space located in the body.
  • The built-in DC diaphragm pump provides silent operation, great efficiency, and a precise fill volume of water, which is ideal for small aquariums.

CoralFeast, 30 grams
& CoralFeast, 60 grams

CoralFeast is made with nine all-natural 100% aquatic ingredients to help promote your corals' best growth and color. There are no fillers of ANY kind like corn starch, flours, yeasts, fish protein powder, garlic powder, or bioenhancers.

CoralFeast is milled in an FDA-certified factory. It is milled and sifted with a 300-micron screen, leaving a 300 to 500-micron particle size, making this ideal for all NPS, LPS, and SPS coral. It is also ideal for sponges and clams. The size aids in the digestion for maximum nutrient absorption. More absorption, less excrement.

The milling removes all impurities, making it cleaner than any other coral food currently on the market. For best results: Add a high-quality amino acid-like AminoFeast+ and a probiotic to a container and mix thoroughly. It is also recommended adding CoralFeast as an ingredient when you feed frozen food, as this will boost the overall nutrition and help with the appetite for picky fish.

  • Formulated To Stimulate Coral Growth & Color
  • 300 Micron Size - For LPS, SPS, & NPS Corals
  • 100% All Natural Ingredients Maximized For Coral Growth & Nutrition
  • ZERO FILLERS- Unlike Other Brands On The Market You Get Your Moneys Worth
  • Nutrition - Feeds All Your Corals Without Raising Harmful Phosphates In Your Aquarium, Unlike Other Foods On The Market
  • Ingredients: Whole Krill; Freeze Dried Rotifers; Arctic Copepods; Whole Brine Shrimp; Apocalypse Royi; Spirulina Powder; Porphyra umbilicalis; Palmaria palmata; Ulva lactuca

Blue Life Flux RX 100 Gallon and Blue Life Flux RX 200 Gallon
Blue Life Flux RX 100 & 200 Gallon are simple and effective with levels easily achieved and maintained quickly for effectiveness when Bryopsis or Green Hair Algae are present.

How to prepare product:
Turn off skimmer and discontinue using activated carbon and phosphate remover for 72 hours; they may be resumed after 72 hours but all other chemical filtration should be removed during the course of treatment. Filter socks are recommended to aid in cleaning the aquarium. Do not use if you have macroalgae or a refugium. Allow 10 to 14 days for results.

How to use product:
Contents: 1 Container with 2000 mg Fluconazole Powder and 2 Plastic Scoops: 1 lg (1cc/25 US Gal) 1 sm (.15cc/5 US Gal). When dosing, large scoop should be level and small scoops rounded/generous.

AminoFeast+, 250 ml / AminoFeast+, 1/2 Gallon / AminoFeast+, 1 Gallon
AminoFeast+ is a blend of 8 amino acids with an all-natural buffer of potassium which is something that corals utilize. Our #1 goal was to bring an additive to our food line that helps your corals THRIVE while having as little negative impact on your ecosystem as possible.

Aminofeast+ is Free of all dyes and bad odors. No refrigeration is required, and it can be dosed at 1mil per 20 gallons 1 to 2 times per day. For ideal conditions, we recommend regular testing and observation so you can adjust dosing based on your specific ecosystem’s parameters to keep a stable and thriving reef. If you do not dose, no worries, just add 1mil per 20 gallons to your feeding schedule of frozen and or coral foods.

Ingredients: R.O Water; Aspartic Acid; Glutamic Acid; Glutamine; Leucine; Glycine; Valine; Isoleucine; Proline; Sodium bicarbonate; Potassium sorbate; Potassium hydroxide.

Dennerle 10 Gallon Shrimp King Tank Kit

With the Dennerle 10 Gallon Shrimp King Tank Kit you can create a beautiful, show-worthy habitat for ornamental shrimp. Dennerle Chris Lukhaup's Shrimp King Shrimp Tank boasts distinct, deep dimensions that lend to creative aquascapes. Hobbyists are able to flex their talents to create a variety of unique setups. Rimless low-profile glass aquarium affords panoramic views, providing the perfect window to breathtaking underwater landscapes. Inclusive kit comes with 39 gph Nano Corner Filter and 5.5 W Nano Power-LED fixture to ensure a viable long-term habitat for a variety of ornamental shrimp and aquatic plants.

  • 10 US gallons 15.7" x 12.4" x 11" high
  • High-clarity, low-iron glass. Lower and deeper than standard aquariums.
  • Cover panel with finger hole
  • Heat-insulating safety underlay
  • Nano Power-LED 5.0 Light. 12 high-quality power LEDs with shimmering effect. Outstanding grow light for aquarium plants.
  • Nano corner filter. Safe for shrimps and crayfish.

Dennerle Shrimp NanoCube Aquarium
Set up all your shelled sidekicks with a new amazing aquascape using the Dennerle Shrimp NanoCube Aquarium. This 2.5 gallon aquarium is perfect for establishing a colony of freshwater companions. It features high-clarity curved glass for optimal viewing and a leveling mat to keep your buddies balanced. This shrimp tank comes complete with a glass lid for convenient containment.

  • 2.5 gallons
  • 7.87" x 7.87" x 9.84" high
  • Ideal for shrimp
  • Features high-clarity curved glass
  • Equipped with a glass lid for convenient containment.
  • Includes a leveling mat to keep your tank balanced

Seachem Algae Scrapers
The Seachem 3 in 1 Algae Scrapers are designed with versatility in mind. With three retractable blades (metal, plastic, and soft pad), they are suited for both glass and acrylic (using the pad only) aquariums. They are lightweight and feature ergonomic handles making them comfortable to hold in multiple positions. In addition, they float for easy retrieval. Finally, their white color makes them easy to see the algae you want to remove. 6", 12" and 18" sizes to choose from.

Seachem CoralCrete Epoxy Putty
Seachem CoralCrete is a two-part epoxy putty that can be used to secure coral to rockwork or to fuse together rockwork for more stable foundations in reef aquaria. It has a working time of 5 minutes which allows for plenty of work time while also quickly securing coral or rock. CoralCrete is ideal for working with larger colonies of branching coral, most large polyp coral or adhering plating coral to rockwork. CoralCrete is safe for aquarium inhabitants when used as directed. It comes in either gray or purple and for both colors a 57 gm and a 114 gm size.

aquavitro Shrimp Additives
Aquavitro Shrimp pHa 150 ml is one part of a two-part system which aids in replicating the water chemistry found in the native habitats of freshwater shrimp by buffering water to the natural pH for each specific type of shrimp. Used according to directions, shrimp pHa maintains the proper pH parameters of freshwater shrimp while also softening water and supporting growth of plants in shrimp aquaria. shrimp pHa is made from a unique buffer system that is extremely stable and does not add sodium, which can damage plants in the aquarium.

Aquavitro Shrimp GH adds a complete spectrum of minerals to the shrimp aquarium. It takes into consideration both the mineral requirements of shrimp and the mineral content of their natural waters in order to create an optimal shrimp environment. shrimp GH adds calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron as well as 6 trace minerals all in the correct biological ratio for shrimp.

AquaEl Ultra Aquarium Heaters
The AquaEl Ultra Heaters are the only heaters on the market with solid state thermostats. This means they have no moving parts that can break and cause a calamitous aquarium failure.

The thermostat operates with an exceptional precision (+/- 0.25° C) to maintain a constant temperature in the tank. This ensures that even the most sensitive of aquarium animals will stay comfortable at all times.

25 Watt to 200 Watt.

Apogee Instruments Meters
Apogee Instruments Meters are high-end underwater PAR measurements meters that apply the sensor's immersion effect correction factor to the meter readings through firmware. The MQ-510 meter is excellent for all light sources, including LEDs. With the MQ-210, the LEDs post-measurement correction factors need to be applied to achieve accurate readings.

The more expensive MQ-210 and MQ-510 come with a sensor and meter. To save a bit of money you can just purchase the SQ-520 or SQ-420X sensor and connect it to the USB port on your Mac or PC.

With the Apogee Meters you can know with certainty that your expensive corals are getting the required amount of light at all locations within your reef aquarium. If a coral is not healthy, ruling out inadequate light as a cause is a first step.

IceCap Fish Traps
The IceCap Fish Traps disassemble for space-saving storage and assemble in minutes. Bait with food and as soon as the desired fish is inside the trap simply release the mechanism to close the trap. Holds in place with two enhanced suction cups.

The IceCap Large Fish Trap IC-FT-250S is 10" Long X 8" Wide X 8" High. The IceCap Medium Fish Trap IC-FT-200S 8" Long X 6" Wide X 6" High. The IceCap Small Fish Trap IC-FT-150S 6" Long X 3" Wide X 3.5" High.

IceCap K1-NEO Protein Skimmer
You may be familiar with the IceCap K1-Nano, K1-130, K1-160 and K1-200 Protein Skimmers. These Skimmers are remarkably compact skimmers that offer a high level of refined filtration for marine aquariums up to 300 gallons. To this list IceCap has added the smallest one yet, the K1-NEO.

The IceCap K1-NEO Protein Skimmer is an ultra-compact skimmer that offers refined filtration for marine aquariums ranging from 5 to 15 gallons. All aspects of the skimmer were designed to surpass many challenges other skimmers on the market miss out on. It's an ideal skimmer for those small all-in-one aquatic systems with filtration in the back overflows. An impressively compact footprint makes it the ideal candidate for tight compartment applications. It can be placed directly into a nano tank overflow or display aquarium and it mounts directly to the side of the glass or acrylic and secures with a thumbscrew.

CarbonDoser® CO2 Products
The CarbonDoser® Electronic CO2 Regulator is the most reliable CO2 regulator on the market. Instead of traditional needle valves controlling the flow rate, the CarbonDoser® uses an electric solenoid that will open and close within a fraction of a second producing a single bubble. Since there is no needle valve, the CarbonDoser's bubble rate will never change. You now have super precise control with unmatched reliability. An electronic solenoid controls the bubble rate, making it virtually impossible for it to ever change.

We also carry the CarbonDoser® Electronic CO2 Regulator V2.0 Remote Box only. It's the latest version. It comes with push-in fittings and tubing.

AquaEl Leddy Slim Plant LED Fixtures
The AquaEl Leddy Slim Plant LED Fixtures are appropriate for planted freshwater aquariums. The red, white and blue LEDs combine to produce a 8000K white light. These thin but powerful lights come with a very well designed light mount that can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of oddly sized tanks.

These lights come with either black or white housings and in four lengths and wattage levels. The lengths and levels are: Leddy Slim 5W Plant LED Light 8"-11.75"; Leddy Slim 10W Plant LED Light 20"-27.5"; Leddy Slim 32W Plant LED Light 30"-40"; and the Leddy Slim 36W Plant LED Light 40"-48". These lights, which are produced in Poland and very popular in Europe, are ideal for oddly sized aquariums such as the Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquariums.

IceCap Pro Turf Scrubbers
The IceCap Pro Turf Scrubbers use algae as a natural water filter to remove nitrate, phosphate, and other pollutants from your aquarium water. Rather than having algae grow uncontrolled inside your display tank, an algae scrubber allows you to grow algae in a controlled setting where it can be easily removed, thereby removing contaminants from your tank in the process.

This all-natural form of water filtration can reduce the need for water changes. Best of all, with their adjustable height these algae scrubbers can reside directly in your sump! No plumbing required, no mess to make. Plug-and-play. They even come with their own IceCap Feed Pump.

Sicce Voyager Stream Pumps
The Sicce Voyager Stream Pumps come in 9 sizes. They are designed for both marine and fresh water aquariums. Thanks to the exclusive magnetic support, these stream pumps can be positioned anywhere: on the sides, behind the tank and on the aquarium's corners.

The support allows them to have a wide range of output angles: up to 180° vertically and 360° circulatory with endless orientation possibilities. Thanks to the advanced built-in technology, the Voyager can be turned on and off quickly without harm or noise.

They all have magnetic supports for aquarium glass up to 12mm. They can be used with the Sicce Wave Surfer Controller.

Dennerle Shrimp NanoCube Aquarium
Set up all your shelled sidekicks with a new amazing aquascape using the Dennerle Shrimp NanoCube Aquarium.
This 2.5 gallon aquarium is perfect for establishing a colony of freshwater companions.

It features high-clarity curved glass for optimal viewing and a leveling mat to keep your buddies balanced.

This shrimp tank comes complete with a glass lid for convenient containment. 7.87" x 7.87" x 9.84" high.

Tunze Protein Skimmers
The Tunze Protein Skimmers are some of the highest quality skimmers on the market. We keep bringing in more and more models and now have 10 versions, including 4 with DC pumps and 6 with AC pumps. They're very hard to keep in stock--get them while you can.

The Tunze DOC Skimmers come with controllers for the DC pumps. The smaller sizes are designed to fit inside an aquarium (ideally a back compartment), and they come with magnet mounts. The bigger Tunze Skimmers can handle tanks up to 238 gallons and are for in sump use.

AquaEl UltraMax Professional Canister Filters
The AquaEl UltraMax Professional Canister Filters are technologically advanced canister filters whose design is based on patented solutions that guarantee exceptional comfort of use, perfect water clarity, and optimum water parameters even in the most demanding aquariums. The UltraMax Filters feature a high flow rate, ball valves on the inlet/outlet, adjustable flow control, low energy usage, and a large area for filter media.

Our favorite feature is the large sponge pre-filter built into the lid, which is designed to capture course mechanical impurities before they can get inside the filter. This protects the pre-filter from clogging, which reduces the required frequency of cleaning to a minimum. Washing the pre-filter sponge in tap water only takes a few minutes and does not require disconnecting the filter from the power supply or taking it out of the aquarium stand.

There are three sizes to choose from: The AquaEl UltraMax 1000 Professional Canister Filter; The AquaEl UltraMax 1500 Professional Canister Filter; and the AquaEl UltraMax 2000 Professional Canister Filter.

Red Sea ReefLed Lights
The Red Sea ReefLed 50 and 90 Lights are designed for optimal growth, while producing great coloration with a pleasant shimmer effect. Red Sea didn't stop with great function and form. They integrated the control of the light into the ReefBeat smart aquarium app and the built-in WiFi lets you directly connect the light to your smart device to set the daily schedule, color, intensity, and other features. The ReefLEDs use an ingenious recessed LED cluster that eliminates glare from normal viewing angles. This focuses light into the tank, while the specialized lens provides a homogenous light mixture that blends nicely in your aquarium. The Dual Channel settings let you customize the lighting for your viewing preferences while ensuring the overall spectrum is acceptable to corals and other animals that depend on it for their energy. Mounting Arms and Suspension Kits are a separate purchase.

Poly-Labs Reef-Roids

Poly-Labs Reef-Roids is a blend of naturally occurring marine planktons, which contains a species of zooplankton that is unique to our product. It is formulated to minimize water degradation and is ideal for Goniapora, Zoanthids, Mushrooms, and all other filter feeding corals. With continued use, your corals will never experience faster growth and coloration! Three sizes to choose from.

Flipper Float Aquarium Cleaners (New Style)

The new Flipper Float Aquarium Cleaners are the last aquarium cleaning tools you will ever need! Flipper's patented design creates the only 2 in 1 magnetic aquarium cleaner that can FLIP from scrubber to scraper simply by rotating the handle. The cleaner now floats to the top of your aquarium if it ever becomes disconnected for even easier retrieval! A "must-have" cleaning tool for advanced hobbyists and maintenance professionals! Three sizes to choose from.

Kessil A360X WHITE Tuna Sun LED Light

This WHITE Kessil A360X WHITE Tuna Sun LED Light is a special addition light for brick and mortar stores only. It is NOT being sold online. LIMITED EDITION. VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES.

Can be used with the Kessil WHITE Mounting Arm and the Kessil X-Series LED Light WHITE 90 Degree K-Link Cable.

JBJ Nano ATO Advanced Auto-Top-Off System

The JBJ Nano ATO Advanced Auto-Top-Off System is the perfect upgrade for your aquarium. This Auto-Top-Off System is re-imagined with dual optical level-sensors for ultimate precision. Enjoy the compact versatility of a digital sensor without compromising the security of overfilling your tank. Installation is quicker than ever, and everything you need to get started is included in the box.

MarinePure BioFilter Media

MarinePure BioFilter Media is the most technically advanced bio-media available today. MarinePure Media has a very large surface area to promote aerobic bacteria growth for ammonia and nitrite removal. We carry the Spheres, Gems, Plates and Blocks. The Plates and Blocks can be cut, shaped and sanded to for custom fit in a tank, sump, canister filter or hang on filter. Perfect for the creative hobbyist.