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The vascaaquariumsupply.com Web site is only for wholesale customers in the aquarium trade (& public and private institutions & commercial sales in industrial quantities). To view prices and order through the site you must first apply for an account.

Resale Customers:

1. Fax a copy of your State Resale License to 480.829.8141 or Email it to [email protected]. When sending the License, please also include a description of your business. We need to know if it is a store, a service business or some other type of business.

2. Fill out and submit the information form below. Be sure to include your Company name and Federal Tax ID #.

Once you have been approved, your Email address and password will be activated and you will be able to view prices and order from the vascaaquariumsupply.com site after you Log In to the Returning Customers: Quick Login box ( above, to the right).

Public and Private Institutions & Commercial Sales In Industrial Quantities
If you are not purchasing for resale but are a public aquarium, non-profit, school, government institution or interested in purchasing industrial quantities, please send an Email to [email protected] describing your needs.

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