VASCA Aquarium Supply is a distributor of over 5,000 aquarium products from 65+ manufacturers. VASCA's 11,000 sq. ft. distribution facility in Tempe, Arizona is open only to approved wholesale customers in the aquarium trade.

The Web site is only for wholesale customers in the aquarium trade (& qualifying public and private institutions). To view prices and order through the site you must first apply for an account.

Contact Info & Hours:
VASCA Aquarium Supply
1536 W. Todd, Suite A102
Tempe, AZ 85283

Tel: 480.829.8122
Fax: 480.829.8141

Email: [email protected]

Hours: 8-4:30, M-F

Our Team

David Almeter

David Almeter Co-Owner & CEO

After studying film at UC Santa Cruz, a couple years running a language school in Korea, a couple years teaching history and Master's Degree studies at University of California San Diego, David became fascinated with the possibilities of the internet and software. He created retail and informational web sites, online databases, business plans and marketing materials for various San Diego area small businesses, the University of California San Diego and software provider Ameranth. David joined his brother Paul at VASCA as an owner in 2004, bringing to the company his marketing and internet experience. At VASCA he has carried out his lifelong dream of owning a forklift.

David lives in Phoenix with his wife. Their daughter studies at NYU. World travel as a family is the family passion.

When not tethered to his desk at VASCA, and not working on his needy old Adobe-Tudor home in Central Phoenix, he spends his time playing various racquet/paddle sports with his wife, playing and watching soccer, and bludgeoning an unsuspecting world with his guitar playing and novels.

Paul Almeter


In 1994 Paul was one of the original two founders of VASCA Aquarium Supply. As an avid reef hobbyist Paul realized there was a lack of distribution to stores in the emerging saltwater and reef aquarium markets. His first forays into the distribution market were with the Red Sea Fish pHarm line and his own line of Inland Seas Trace Elements. Over the years with VASCA he has added 80 more product lines from manufacturers around the globe.

With a background in retail and outside sales, accounting, engineering and commercial audio and theatrical lighting, Paul has the diversity of knowledge necessary to help customers achieve their goals in the continually changing aquarium market. Always looking to further his skill set, in recent years he completed the ASU WP Cary School of Business Small Business Leadership course.

Paul resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife, dog, cat, fish and corals, and he has two grown daughters. In his spare time he enjoys wood working, mountain biking, kayaking, RV-ing and playing the drums.

Jaron Hudson
Co-Owner, Purchasing Manager & Supreme Product Expert

Known around VASCA as Jay Ron, though his name does actually rhyme with Baron, he was a customer of VASCA's for years before he came to work at VASCA.

Jaron has worked in the aquarium industry since 2013, and at VASCA since 2017. Before working at VASCA Jaron worked at a local fish store in Mesa, Arizona. He managed the reef and planted portions of the store while also ordering from vendors like VASCA.

Jaron currently maintains five aquariums: two reef tanks in the VASCA office, two reef tanks at home, and a planted aquarium in his church’s preschool building. Jaron’s favorite fish is his clown tang.

In his free time Jaron enjoys helping his wife fix up their first house as well as hunting, and barbecuing. They recently became parents and named their son David (but not after VASCA Dave).

NOTE: He didn't put it in the bio he submitted (oh, so humble he is), but he is an educated man with a degree in Biology and an MBA from Arizona State University.