What are Maxspect Jump aquarium products? They're innovative, high-tech, cutting edge submersible pumps, gyre pumps, LED lights and protein skimmers. Colored orange and black, they're a great choice for stocking the shelves for Halloween (if that's a thing).

Maxspect Jump DC 10K DC Centrifugal Pumps
The Maxspect Jump DC Centrifugal Pumps are affordable entry-level, controllable pumps. They work for a variety of applications, and use sine-wave technology for near-silent operation. The four centrifugal pumps in the series deliver flow rates from 740 to 3,170 GPH. The included 4-button controller allows you to increase or decrease the pump speed, toggle between different pulsing flow modes, and idle the pump in feed mode. LED digital display.

Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 65W LED Lighting System
The Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 65W LED Lighting System is the perfect entry-level WiFi-controllable lighting system. It incorporates a highly efficient Multi-Phase Color Temperature Technology that redirects maximum power to your selected LED spectrum, increasing overall performance. It also features an acclimation mode, moonlight cycle, and can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the world via the Syna-G Cloud Platform. Like the rest of the new Maxspect Jump line, the MJ-L165 LED ensures the best performance, style, and value for your money.

Maxspect Jump SK400 Protein Skimmer
The Maxspect Jump SK400 Protein Skimmer is innovative and attractive. With a feature loaded controllable DC pump, patented dual needle wheel impeller, easy flow control and a design that makes maintenance easy, it's truly a game changing skimmer. The controller controls the flow of the pump, has a feed button and has the all-important over flow detection. For tanks up 100 gallons with a heavy bio-load, 175 gallons with a medium bio-load and 265 gallons with a light bio-load.

Maxspect Jump Gyre Flow Pumps
Maxspect Jump Gyre Flow Pumps are the latest offering from Maxspect. This latest Gyre is fully programmable and utilizes crossflow technology to distribute flow evenly and eliminate dead spots. Unlike earlier versions, each Jump Gyre comes with its own controller. They also come with an extra set of black rotors. 2 Versions: up to 1849 GPH & up to 3962 GPH.

"These new Maxspect Jump products really got me. Like an eruption. I ain't talking about love, but these babies have got me unchained. The cradle will rock. Everybody will want some. You might as well Jump today."