Counter candy items are those items at the counter that customers need and want, but did not probably come into your store with the intention of buying. Jaron and Kandace suggest some of their favorite counter candy items. Here are the links to the products they recommend in the video.

Kandace's Counter Candy Recommendations:
#1 Ista Instant Glue

If a customer is buying a coral, there is a good chance they'll need some glue. These small tubes at the checkout counter can be sold for a couple dollars. We also carry several other adhesives. This is the smallest and least expensive one.

#2 Two Little Fishies Julian's Thing
Corals such as acans, blastos, meat corals, scolymias and even anemones require some feeding and target feeding is the cleanest and most effective way to do so. It's also another way to care for your reef without sticking your hands in the tank.

#3 Seachem Reef Dip
New corals can come with hitchhikers such as flatworms, coral eating nudribranch, acro eating spiders, bristle worms, shrimp, crabs, snails, algae and even a disease. These things may be hard to see with the naked eye and giving the coral a quick dip will rid them of any pests or heal an existing infection. Reef Dip will give customers piece of mind.

#4 OASE Plant Tweezers
Tweezers are a great add on sale. Pretty much every aquarist needs tweezers. Aquascaping or feeding aggressive fish can be difficult and/or dangerous with your bare hands. Tweezerrs can be used to flip over snails, pick up corals that have fallen between rocks, glue corals down, move frags around, pick algae off rocks and feed fish and corals. The OASE Tweezers are 10.6 inches long. We also carry longer and shorter tweezers.

#5 Flipper DeepSee Magnetic Aquarium Viewers
This is a fun product to stock at the counter. With these magnifiers you can obsess over your new fish, corals, plants or whatever you're into. If you're a science nerd like Kandace, who obsesses over new livestock, having a Flipper Magnifier on your tank just makes the aquarium a bit more interesting to look at from a different point of view. It almost makes you feel like you're scuba diving in your own aquarium!

Jaron's Counter Candy Recommendations:
#1 Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Blue Counter Displays & Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Blue Nano Five-Packs
Single size, pre-packaged 22 gram Chemi-Pure Blue Nano bags intended for aquariums up to 5 gallons. You can try and sell nano tank customers bulk carbon and have them bag it, but nano tank customers are not likely to do this. They'll prefer these pretty inexpensive pre-bagged choice.

#2 Two Little Fishies Lettuce Clip, Bulk

Keep a jar of these on the counter. For use with Sea-Veggie Sheets or lettuce to keep the food from getting sucked into the filter. Comes with a suction cup. While there are competing products with magnets, the suction cup keeps the price down and often the magnets don't even work with thicker aquariums. It's not the end of the world if the suction cups fails.

#3 Orphek Azurelite 5 Watt LED Flashlight
When Jaron worked in an aquarium store he bought one of these for himself to show customers what coral they were looking at would look like under actinic light. Pretty soon customers were asking where they could buy these LED Flashlights. Great for viewing coral at night and for photographing corals and feeding at night.

#4 Sea-Lab #28 2 lb Box
At first Jaron was skeptical about Sea-Lab #28. It claimed to maintain the concentration of calcium, strontium and all trace elements at the same levels found in the sea, automatically. It also claimed to just dissolve enough to replace depleted elements. But, he tried it and it works! Stock a box behind the counter and sell the blocks individually for a couple dollars.

We hope these recommendations are helpful. We would also appreciate any feedback you might have and suggestions for future videos/articles.

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