AquaEl Ultra Aquarium Heaters  AquaEl Ultra Aquarium Heaters

The AquaEl Ultra Heaters are the only heaters on the market with solid state thermostats. This means they have no moving parts that can break and cause a calamitous aquarium failure.The thermostat operates with an exceptional precision (+/- 0.25° C) to maintain a constant temperature in the tank. This ensures that even the most sensitive of aquarium animals will stay comfortable at all times.  SHOP NOW »

IceCap K1-NEO Protein Skimmer  IceCap K1 NEO Protein Skimmer

You may be familiar with the IceCap K1-Nano, K1-130, K1-160 and K1-200 Protein Skimmers. These Skimmers are remarkably compact skimmers that offer a high level of refined filtration for marine aquariums up to 300 gallons. To this list IceCap has added the smallest one yet, the K1-NEO.  SHOP NOW »


Coralife T5 High Output (HO) Lamps


For use with Coralife and other manufacturer T5 high output light fixtures. 24", 30", 36" & 48". 6,700K, 10,000K, Actinic & ColorMax.


Coralife Aqualight T5 High Output Aquarium Lighting Fixtures CLOSEOUT

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